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The Event Management Certificate Program is for students interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of event and meeting management, including research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation of events and meetings of various types and sizes. 

Students study best practices in promotion, organization and risk management. Emphasis is on the management competencies required for a successful career as an event and meeting professional.

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First and Leading Event Management Program

The Event Management Certificate Program is the founding member of the International Consortium of Event Management Programs. This standardized curriculum is offered throughout the world and is the first comprehensive program in higher education providing classroom and distance learning courses leading to industry certification in special events.

The program is designed to meet your needs, whether you enroll for one course or earn your Professional Certificate in Event Management.

Students Can Expect To...

  • Learn best practices and latest thinking for the design, planning and execution of successful events and meetings for groups from 10 to thousands

  • Gain a big picture awareness of the event and meeting industry, including seminars, conventions, conferences, expositions, trade shows, special events, and more

  • Learn to conduct effective event and meeting management research, including needs assessment, site analysis, situation analysis, and feasibility studies

  • Experience the industry firsthand via an on-site, hands-on internship


Courses in the Event Management Program are taught by a faculty that comprises more than 300 years of experience in event management. Instructors include managers of major event management projects and centers, experts in the Olympic Games movement, owners and presidents of corporate event management firms and associations, and specialists in event marketing and sponsorship.

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Individual Courses or Certificate

The Event Management Program is designed to be flexible and meet the different needs of individuals interested in professional development and career enhancement. Students can take individual courses to learn more in a specific area or can cover certificate requirements and earn a professional Certificate in Event Management.


Certificate Requirements

To attain a Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University School of Business, students must successfully achieve the following:

  • Complete four core courses and three electives (offered in classroom or online) within two years of enrollment in the first course.

  • Complete a minimum of 100 hours of event management practicum experience.

  • Prepare and submit an event portfolio.

Upon successful completion of the seven Event Management classes, portfolio, and practicum hours, students receive a professional Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University School of Business

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To be admitted to the Event Management Certificate Program, students must have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma. International students must have a TOEFL PBT score of 600 or a TOEFL CBT score of 100. There is a Program Application form and a $65 non-refundable fee for all students planning to complete the required course work and other requirements to attain a certificate. The application form should be submitted to: the address on our contact page. Your total Event Management Certificate Program investment is approximately $3,800.


Core Courses

Complete and pass the following Core Courses worth 1.2 CEUs each or 4.8 CEUs.

  • Best Practices in Event Management

  • Event Coordination

  • Event Marketing

  • Risk Management: Financial, Legal and Ethical Safeguards

Please note that it is recommended you take Core Courses in the above order. Also, Core Courses must be completed before you can take Elective Courses. All Core and Elective Courses can be taken onsite or online.


Elective Courses

Complete and pass Elective Courses totaling 3.6 CEUs. Elective Courses are either worth 1.2 CEUs for two-day classes or 0.6 CEUs for one-day classes. The total CEUs required for the Event Management Certificate are 8.4 CEUs.



Starting in the summer of 2014 the George Washington Event Management Certificate began offing on-site, weeklong Institutes. These Institutes condense all four core classes into 5 days in an intensive, interactive format. The cost is only $1,995.00, $205 less than taking the four classes separately! Also, if you have already taken one or more of the core classes, we can give you an additional $550 off the cost of the institute (call in to register if you qualify for this discount). We will also wave the $65 application fee for students attending the Institute! We offer a Winter and Summer institute each year. Click here to learn more and see when our next institute is.

Below is the 2016 Winter Institute Class:

View Core Skills Institute Testimonials:


To register for Event Management Certificate Program courses (onsite courses cost $550 and online courses cost $450), you should login or create a new account (where you will build a profile and generate a Username and Password). If you have questions or need help with registration, you can call 1-877-498-4477. You can register online or by telephone. Be prepared to pay by credit card or with a purchase order.


Financial Aid

Because the Event Management Certificate Program is a non-degree program federally funded student loan programs are not generally available, and the Event Management Certificate Program is not eligible for deferment of such loans. But private lending institutions may be able to finance your education.



Grades are emailed to you within two weeks of the completion of the course. The grading system is CR (Credit) and NC (No Credit). Your transcript is available under My Transcript once you login using your Username and Password.



Certificate candidates must complete a total of 100 practicum hours for graduation. Portfolio and Practicum hours must be separate. This means hours used for your practicum cannot be from the same event you are doing for your portfolio. The portfolio project can be part of your current job.  Also, we request that students NOT use their regular/current jobs as hours for the practicum. This is because we want students to experience more than one facet of event planning and management to get a more rounded view of the discipline.

If you “work” more than 25 hours at the same location/organization, you must submit a letter of reference from that organization along with the Practicum Summary Form. You are allowed to acquire all 100 hours with one organization. We do not encourage this practice as we would like to see you experience a variety volunteer opportunities.

The Practicum Summary Form and all Practicum Site Supervisor Reports along with any reference letters (required for more than 25 hours at the same location/organization) are to be submitted with your Portfolio Project. If you are submitting a notebook, place the forms in the front inside sleeve or in a plastic sleeve at the beginning of the Portfolio. If you are submitting a PDF, include the forms at the beginning of the Portfolio.

Portfolio graders may spot check the site supervisor reports to ensure the hours are correct and properly attained.

It is usually not difficult to achieve 100 practicum hours. Check with your local convention center to see what events are incoming to the center. Consider making a list of cause related organizations such as the American Cancer Society or the Humane Society. Visit their websites for upcoming events and contact them about volunteering. lists volunteer opportunities by zip code.

Practicum hours are considered field hours.  The experiences should help you gain a more thorough perspective of the industry. 

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Practicum Forms:
Please visit the following links for the various forms you will need.

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Practicum Site Supervisor Report (PDF)
Sample Letter of Reference (PDF)
Practicum Summary Form (PDF)

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Certificate Requirements


Important Policies


Your Portfolio is documentation of an actual event which you have planned from beginning to end. You must show an understanding of the research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation processes including administration, marketing, legal, ethical, and risk management issues.

The event may be a part of your current job but you MUST play a lead or significant role in the planning and coordination of the entire event. Only events that have occurred after you enrolled in the event management program qualify. For example, if you planned a wedding in June 2013 and started the program in November 2013, the wedding cannot be used as your portfolio.

Your event should be of the size and breadth that allows for key elements of the portfolio such as a budget, vendor contracts, a floor plan, timeline and production schedule. A dinner party for friends will not qualify for a portfolio. Examples of approved portfolio events include: change of command ceremonies, anniversary parties, weddings, bridal showers, fashion show, and fundraiser. If you have any doubt that your event will qualify for portfolio completion, contact Roy Singleton (, Karen Baker ( or Kristi Long (

The total portfolio, excluding Table of Contents and Portfolio Affirmation and Release Form may not exceed 65 pages. Portfolio grading is based on a possible total of 150 points. You must earn 75% (or 113 points) to pass. If you score less than 75%/113pts, you will have an opportunity to re-submit your portfolio with corrections. Portfolios must be re-submitted within two weeks of receipt of the returned portfolio.

Please note, it is highly recommended you schedule a meeting with an Event Management Certificate Program counselor at the beginning of your course work and when getting ready to work on your Portfolio.

View portfolio tips and guidelines

Example Portfolio #1

Example Portfilio #2

Instructional Video on How to Put your Portfolio Together

For Portfolio specific questions email


Graduation occurs in June. If you plan on graduating, you must fill out and hand-in the Graduation Application Form found here or on the link below. If you have successfully completed your course work, Practicum, Portfolio, and Graduation Application Form, you will be notified about the date, time, and location of the Event Management Certificate Program graduation.

Graduate Application Form (PDF)
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Certificate Requirements


Important Policies

Important Policies

#1. Extension & Reinstatement Policy

The Event Management Certificate Program is a two year program. From the day you take your first class, you have two years (24 months) to complete your courses, Practicum, and Portfolio. If for some reason during the two year period you need an extension, you can request an extension by forwarding a letter of explanation to The George Washington University, Event Management Certificate Program, 11 South Angell Street, PO Box 169, Providence, RI 02906. The Event Management Certificate Program staff will review your request and determine if the extension request will be granted. You can only receive one extension and the longest the extension can be for is an additional one year (12 months).

The Event Management Certificate Program staff will review your request and determine if the extension request will be granted. You can only receive one extension. It should be noted all credits must be earned in the five year period, so credits expiring during the extension must also be re-earned.


#2. Refund Policy

If you cannot attend an Event Management Certificate Program course as planned, you may transfer into a future course or receive a course credit as long as you let us know three business days prior to the first class meeting. Credits may be applied toward the cost of any future course within the next year from date of issue. The Event Management Certificate Program credits are active for five years from the date of the class. Any credits earned prior to five years will not be honored and will need to be re-earned.

If you contact us less than three business days in advance, you are entitled to a course credit valued at 50% of the course fee. If you contact us on the day of the first class or after the class has occurred, you are not entitled to a course credit or transfer of any kind.

Refunds are given only if we cancel a course, although you will be encouraged to transfer into a future course so you can complete your required course work. We will not issue refunds for courses which have been postponed due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control. Refunds are processed within thirty days of the approval of the refund request.

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Certificate Requirements


Important Policies